AstroNotes – Launch the Gift of Inspiration!

Somewhere, a child who dreams of one day traveling into space awaits the inspiration to take the first step on the difficult journey. Perhaps someone else might simply treasure a handwritten, signed greeting from one of the very few in human history who have traveled into Earth orbit. 

A personalized astronaut inscription and signature is a valuable and historic collectible, appropriate for any special occasion! 

Your AstroNote will arrive as a custom greeting card with a personalized, hand-signed inscription and signature from one of our ASE member astronauts – perfectly sized for framing!

The proceeds from your $35 AstroNote support ASE's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational activities world-wide; your support is critical to ASE's mission of inspiring tomorrow’s explorers, scientists and innovative thinkers.

We very much appreciate your support – thank you! If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

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Each astronaut and cosmonaut listed will personally, hand inscribe* and sign a very limited number of cards. We will regularly add to this list in the future, but we will not accept requests for fliers not listed below. International fliers sign in their native languages. Thank you for your support!

* We reserve the right to reject inappropriate language or sentiments.

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