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Somewhere, a child who dreams of one day traveling into space awaits the inspiration to take the first step on the difficult journey. Perhaps someone else might simply treasure a handwritten, signed greeting from one of the very few in human history who have traveled into Earth orbit. 

A personal astronaut inscription and signature is a valuable and historic collectible, appropriate for any special occasion! 

Your AstroNote will arrive as a custom greeting card with a personal, hand-signed inscription and signature from one of our ASE member astronauts – perfectly sized for framing!

The proceeds from your $35 AstroNote support ASE's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational activities world-wide; your support is critical to ASE's mission of inspiring tomorrow’s explorers, scientists and innovative thinkers.

We very much appreciate your support – thank you! If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

See what others are saying:

"Thanks again for the personal touch, this is really going to make a big impression on our hopeful astronaut!"

"Andrew is really pleased and proud of his birthday greetings from Walt Cunningham. It was the perfect gift for him -- he is a 20-year-old with Asperger's Syndrome and an encyclopedic knowledge of the US space program. He's studying aerospace engineering in college."

"Thank you so much for arranging such a special gift for my son!"

"Thank you again, you've made yet another memorable moment!" S.W.

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for offering such a wonderful program. I had a AstroNote - inscribed by Scott Carpenter (!) - sent to my wife on her birthday in April… and she was thrilled!" J.S.

"Michael is an active duty Navy Lieutenant who just recently received his wings at Naval Air Station Pensacola. This is a great present for him!"

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We offer three beautiful Earth views for your AstroNote – please indicate your order of preference (1,2,3). We will make every effort to provide your first choice of AstroNote, but they are only available while the astronauts' supplies last!


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Get your AstroNote from one – or all – of these participating astronauts:

United States

Loren Acton, STS 51F Linda Godwin, STS 37, STS 59, STS 76, STS 108
John-David Bartoe, STS 51F
Frederick Hauck, STS 7, STS 26, STS 51A, STS 61F
Gerald Carr, Skylab 4
Robert Cenker, STS 61C
Franklin Chang-Diaz, STS 61C, STS 34, STS 46, STS 75, STS 91, STS 111
Richard Hieb, STS 39, STS 49, STS 65
Michael "Rich" Clifford, STS 53, STS 59, STS 76
Thomas Jones, STS 59, STS 68, STS 80, STS 98
Eileen Collins, STS 63, STS 84, STS 93, STS 114
Byron Lichtenberg, STS 9, STS 45
Roger Crouch, STS 83, STS 94
Michael Lopez-Alegria, STS 73, STS 92, STS 113, Soyuz TMA-9/Exp.14
Robert Crippen, STS 1, STS 7, STS 41C, STS 41G
Jon McBride, STS 41G
Jan Davis, STS 47, STS 60, STS 85
Pamela Melroy, STS 92, STS 112, STS 120
Brian Duffy, STS 45, STS 57, STS 72, STS 92
John Fabian, STS 7, STS 51G
John Phillips, STS 100, Soyuz TMA-6/Exp. 11, STS 119
Michael Foreman, STS 123, STS 129
William Readdy, STS 42, STS 51, STS 79
Richard Garriott, Soyuz TMA-13
Richard Richards, STS 28, STS 41, STS 50, STS 64
Charles "Sam" Gemar, STS 38, STS 48, STS 62
Jerry Ross, STS 61B, STS 27, STS 37, STS 55, STS 74, STS 88, STS 110
Edward Gibson, Skylab 4
James Voss, STS 44, STS 53, STS 69, STS 101, STS 102/Exp.2

The astronauts below will be available to sign cards beginning in September, 2017 – reserve yours now!:

Europe & Asia

Germany: Klaus-Dietrich Flade, Soyuz TM-13
Sweden: Christer Fuglesang, STS 116, STS 128
U.K.: Helen Sharman, Soyuz TM-12
India: Rakesh Sharma, Soyuz T-11
France: Michel Tognini, Soyuz TM-15
South Korean: Soyeon Yi, Soyuz TMA-12

Each astronaut and cosmonaut listed will personally, hand inscribe* and sign only 20 AstroNotes. We regretfully cannot accept requests for fliers not listed. International fliers sign in their native languages. Please write the personal message exactly as you intend the recipient to see it (including name and salutation)

* We reserve the right to reject inappropriate language or sentiments.

Thank you for your support!

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