X Congress of the Association of Space Explorers
Moscow and Lake Baikal, Russia
August 10-17, 1994

General Statement

Appeal to Presidents, Heads of State, Parliaments, Religious and Civic Leaders, and All the Citizens of the World

Astronauts and cosmonauts from many nations met at their 10th Congress in 1994. Members of the ASE emphasized the need for international cooperation in order to maintain and restore the balance of the Earth's ecology and in order to protect the integrity of global biogeochemical systems. In the spirit of the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Declaration on the Environment and Development, ASE members appeal to government and other leaders and people of the world to undertake the following actions.

1. To establish a global data base to address environmental concerns with compatible formats available to all people.

2. To develop international standards for the analysis and identification of substances released into the environment to limit toxic effects. Existing agreements on toxic substances should be reviewed regularly and updated to include newly identified toxic substances.

3. To review and consolidate existing environmental agreements, include local residents in this process, and encourage our governments to adhere to these agreements.

4. To identify areas of particular ecological interest, such as Lake Baikal, that require special protection to be maintained for all humanity.

We, as members of ASE, will promote the protection of the environment by using our photography in public meetings to explain our concerns and listen to the concerns of others.



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