ASE Contributors

Thank you for supporting our mission to promote education in science and mathematics and inspire students at all levels, to provide a forum for professional dialogue among individuals who have flown in space, to promote the benefits of space science and exploration, to foster environmental awareness, and to encourage international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space!

Thank you to all of our individual and corporate contributors for your generous support of ASE!
(last twelve months)




Thank you to all of our contributors for your generous support of ASE and our mission!
(last twelve months)

$15,000 +

Greg Olsen

$10,000 +

John-David & Donna Bartoe

$6,000 +

Tom & Liz Jones

$5,000 +

John & Donna Fabian

$2,000 +

Mike & Lorrie Foreman
Ron Garan
André & Helen Kuipers
Bruce McCandless

$1,500 +

Susan Helms
Charlie Walker & Susan Flowers

$1,000 +

Roy & Benita Bridges
Mark & Lynne Brown
Bob Cabana
Charlie Camarda
Cady Coleman
Eileen Collins
Roger & Anne Crouch
Frank Culbertson, Jr.
Jan Davis & Dick Richardson
Owen & Eve Garriott
Sam Gemar
Rick & Jeannie Hieb
Mark Kelly
Scott Kelly
Kevin & Jeanne Kregel
Mark Lee
Mike Lopez-Alegria
Shannon Lucid
Don McMonagle
Carl Meade
Steve Oswald & Mary Bono
Bill & Colleen Readdy
Ken & Maureen Reightler
Dick & Lois Richards
Jerry & Karen Ross
Brewster & Kathy Shaw
Rusty Schweickart & Nancy Ramsey
Jim & Suzan Voss
Jeff & Anna-Marie Williams

$600 +

Kathy Sullivan

$500 +

Bo & Dianne Bobko
Bob & Barbara Cenker
Brian & Jan Duffy
Linda Godwin
Joan Higginbotham
Kay Hire
Michelle Kley
Jon McBride
Pam Melroy & Doug Hollett
Mike & Donna Mullane
Mario & Sue Runco
Loren & Diane Shriver
George & Elisa Zamka

$300 +

Rich Clifford
Sam & Becky Durrance

$200 +

Scott & Jill Altman
Vance & Bev Brand
Drew Gaffney & Elizabeth Sims
Paul & Mary Lockhart
Jack & Gratia Lousma
Barbara & Clay Morgan
Bill & Brenda Pailes
Pierre & Cheryl Thuot
$100 + 

Loren & Evelyn Acton
Fred & Annette Gregory
Jim & Mary Newman
Gary Payton
Rex Walheim


Dick & Cody Truly