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Fifth European
Astronaut Reunion

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ASE-Europe was founded in 2012, in recognition of the achievements of ASE to unify the efforts of astronauts and cosmonauts to reinforce international cooperation in the exploration and use of space for the good of mankind. Its purpose is:

To support European educators and students and to promote education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM);

To promote and organize the establishment of regular and close contacts of Europeans within the Association and its international membership who are united by the experience of human orbital flight;

To better publicize and disseminate knowledge about the historic significance of Man’s entry into space and the European share in this venture.

Contact Us

c/o International Space University
1 rue Jean-Dominique Cassini
67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden



ASE – Europe Board of Directors

Michel Tognini – France (President)
Reinhold Ewald – Germany (Secretary)
Pedro Duque – Spain (Treasurer)
André Kuipers – The Netherlands
Luca Parmitano – Italy
Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu – Romania




ISS Crew Fund Scholarships

ASE Europe works with Space Generation Advisory Council SGAC to support young space professionals

One of the main missions of SGAC is to facilitate access to space conferences and workshops for students and young professionals. SGAC, in cooperation with the ISS Crew Fund, organised the 2017 ISS Crew Fund Scholarship that enabled five outstanding SGAC members to attend the 2nd European Space Generation Workshop in Paris, France. The ISS Crew Fund is under administration of ASE Europe. The money is intended to be used to provide opportunities of international cooperation also for the next generations of young space professionals and foster international cooperation for peaceful research and exploration of Space. Decisions are taken by a board composed of astronauts.

Read more about our five awardees!

European Astronaut Reunions


ASE-Europe coordinates and hosts the annual European Astronaut Reunion, an opportunity for European astronauts to promote the benefits of European endeavors in space and inspire the next generation of European astronauts, scientists and engineers.


Fourth European Astronaut Reunion
2017 / Lausanne & Geneva, Switzerland

Third European Astronaut Reunion
2016 / London, UK & Bucharest, Romania

Second European Astronaut Reunion
2015 / Milan, Italy

First European Astronaut Reunion
2014 / Munich, Germany


International Space University


ISU generously supports ASE by serving as the official host location of ASE-Europe.


The ASE ISU Scholarship is specifically intended to support young space professionals or students who have been accepted to the International Space University. The ISU scholarship is awarded by ASE – Europe, in coordination with the international Executive Committee.

ASE ISU Scholars

2013: Ms. Emmanuelle David
2014: Ms. Ana Cristina van Oijhuizen-Galhego Rosa
2015: Mr. Izan Peris Marti
2016: Ms. Praskovia Milova
2017: Ms. Beth Healey



Membership in ASE is open to individuals who have completed at least one orbit of the Earth in a spacecraft. ASE-Europe represents the community of flown astronauts and cosmonauts who are citizens or permanent residents of countries within the geographical boundaries of Europe.

The regional chapters of ASE function independently under the general direction and guidance of the international Executive Committee. The chapters are represented on the Executive Committee and are responsible for developing and supporting ASE activities and engaging member astronauts and cosmonauts in the respective regions.

Founding Members

Dumitru Prunariu (President) – Romania
Reinhold Ewald (Secretary) – Germany
Michel Tognini (Treasurer) – France

Jean-François Clervoy – France
Pedro Duque – Spain
Frank De Winne – Belgium
Leopold Eyharts – France
Bertalan Farkas – Hungary
Klaus-Dietrich Flade – Germany
Dirk Frimout – Belgium
Christer Fuglesang – Sweden
Miroslaw Hermaszewski – Poland
André Kuipers – Netherlands
Franco Malerba – Italy
Ulf Merbold – Germany
Ernst Messerschmid – Germany
Claude Nicollier – Switzerland
Helen Sharman – United Kingdom
Gerhard Thiele – Germany
Franz Viehbock – Austria
Ulrich Walter – Germany

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ASE offers several unique astronaut and cosmonaut signed collectibles.

AstroNotes: Send the Gift of Inspiration!

AstroNotes offers a personalized inscription and autograph – a valuable and historic collectible appropriate for any special oocasion – from the very few in human history who have viewed the Earth from space. AstroNotes supports ASE's global scientific and education outreach activities, from Near Earth Object (NEO) hazard mitigation to ASE scholarships for students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Please join ASE in inspiring tomorrow's explorers, scientists, and innovative thinkers!

ASE Congress Commemorative Posters

The ASE Planetary Congress posters feature the authentic and original signatures of the astronauts and cosmonauts who attended that Congress. These unique and extremely rare posters are part of a series of limited Collector's Edition posters that have been signed at each ASE Congress since the association was founded in 1985. Some editions contain the signtatures of well-known space travelers such as Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad, Scott Carpenter, Charlie Duke, Alexei Leonov, Jim Lovell, Tom Stafford, Valentina Tereshkova and many others!




ASE plays an important role in this period of uncertainty about the future of human space flight. Major decisions any single nation will define the path and resources for future international exploration.

ASE’s role as the primary forum for professional exchange among astronauts and cosmonauts will be increasingly relevant, and necessary, as we leverage international capabilities to fly beyond low Earth orbit. With your support, ASE will continue to contribute both leadership and vision as humanity moves outward from our home planet and toward the stars.

Contributions can be mailed to:

c/o International Space University
1 rue Jean-Dominique Cassini
67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden

Or you can contribute online, via Paypal:

Thank you!



Association of Space Explorers awards ISU SSP 2017 scholarship



As it is now becoming a tradition, the Board of Directors of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) has selected a participant of the International Space University’s (ISU) Space Studies Program SSP17 to receive their yearly scholarship award. With this scholarship ASE is supporting  a young professional with clear interests shown in the field of astronautics to attend ISU’s Space Studies Program.

This year the award was given to Beth Healey. After studies in Physiology, Beth obtained her degree as medical doctor, specializing in conflict and catastrophe medicine. She was involved as medical specialist in several expeditions. At present she is a participant in ISU’s Space Studies Program (SSP) in Cork, Ireland.

The ASE selection committee gave the following rational for the choice:

“Ms. Beth Healey has shown remarkable motivation and energy in the Antarctic Overwinter Campaign at Concordia. Through her research this outpost in isolation and darkness can be seen as a true analogue to space, helping future space farers to better cope with the adversities of their journey.”

On behalf of the Committee, Dr. Reinhold Ewald added:

“I am convinced that this is a worthy continuation of the joint efforts of ASE and ISU to promote the beneficial potential of space also in its effect on the inspiration and curiosity of a young generation of space researchers and professionals.”

The occasion of the astronaut panel at SSP17 was taken to officially congratulate the award winner in the presence of four ASE member astronauts Dan Tani, Nicole Stott, Bob Thirsk and Soyeon Yi.

This beauty consists of subtle nuances,

   as in the miraculous balance of soft and

        brilliant hues. Only a child in its innocence

            could apprehend the purity and splendor of this vision.

                    Patrick Baudry, France




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