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XXIV Planetary Congress
Moscow, Russia

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ASE-Russia was founded in 1985 along with ASE–USA, to form the first two regional chapters of the Association of Space Explorers. Its purpose is:

To support Russian educators and students and to promote education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM);

To promote and organize the establishment of regular and close contacts between Russian cosmonauts and ASE's international membership who are united by the experience of human orbital flight;

To better publicize and disseminate knowledge about the historic significance of Man’s entry into space and the Russian share in this venture.

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ASE-Russia Board of Directors

Alexander Alexandrov (President)
Yuri Baturin
Alexander Samokutyaev
Sergei Volkov

Natalja Kuleshova, Executive Director
Leonid Zhurnya




Membership in ASE is open to individuals who have completed at least one orbit of the Earth in a spacecraft. ASE-Russia represents the community of flown astronauts and cosmonauts who are citizens or permanent residents of countries within the geographical boundaries of the Russian Federation.

The regional chapters of ASE function independently under the general direction and guidance of the international Executive Committee. The chapters are represented on the Executive Committee and are responsible for developing and supporting ASE activities and engaging member astronauts and cosmonauts in the respective regions.

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ASE Near Earth Objects Committee

Members of ASE–Russia participate on the international ASE Committee on Near Earth Objects (NEO), which promotes inter-space agency planning for NEO deflection and is active in United Nations discussions aimed at a decision-making agreement to deal with hazardous objects.

Planetary Congress

ASE-Russia has twice hosted the annual Planetary Congress, in 1994 and 2011 and regularly contributes technical content on the status of Russian human space flight endeavors. The all-inclusive annual ASE Planetary Congress, held in a different host country each year, has a long history as the premier forum for astronauts and cosmonauts from all spacefaring nations to meet and exchange information about their respective space agencies, human spaceflight operations and future plans for exploration beyond low earth orbit.

ASE Awards

ASE-Russia produces and contributes the major awards presented to ASE honorees at the Planetary Congresses. These include the custom designed Leonov Medallions and the Perchatka, awarded for best technical paper of the Congress. ASE-Russia members Alexei Leonov and Yuri Usachev produce and contribute the respective awards on behalf of the Association.




ASE offers several unique astronaut and cosmonaut signed collectibles.

AstroNotes: Send the Gift of Inspiration!

AstroNotes offers a personalized inscription and autograph – a valuable and historic collectible appropriate for any special oocasion – from the very few in human history who have viewed the Earth from space. AstroNotes supports ASE's global scientific and education outreach activities, from Near Earth Object (NEO) hazard mitigation to ASE scholarships for students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Please join ASE in inspiring tomorrow's explorers, scientists, and innovative thinkers!

ASE Congress Commemorative Posters

The ASE Planetary Congress posters feature the authentic and original signatures of the astronauts and cosmonauts who attended that Congress. These unique and extremely rare posters are part of a series of limited Collector's Edition posters that have been signed at each ASE Congress since the association was founded in 1985. Some editions contain the signtatures of well-known space travelers such as Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad, Scott Carpenter, Charlie Duke, Alexei Leonov, Jim Lovell, Tom Stafford, Valentina Tereshkova and many others!


it isn't important in which sea or lake you observe a slick of pollution,

   or in the forests of which country a fire breaks out, or on which continent a hurricane arises,

        you are standing guard over the whole of our Earth.

                    Yuri Artyukhin




X Planetary Congress
Moscow/Lake Baikal, Russia


Upcoming Events:

ASE XXXI Congress
September 10-14, 2018
Minsk, Belarus

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