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Association of Space Explorers

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ASE Corporate Sponsors & Partners

Ad Astra Rocket Company
Sophie S. Zheng, C.P.
Michael F. Reeder II

Recent Contributions

Greg Olsen
Bo & Dianne Bobko
Joe Brennan, in memory of Bo Bobko
Jay Apt & Carolyn Hess Abraham
Space For Everyone Foundation (Danny & Marie Olivas)
Sal Vitale, in memory of Bo Bobko
Kathy Sullivan
Kathy & Stephen Thornton

Contributions (last 12 months)

$60,000 +

Greg Olsen

$30,000 +

Jared & Monica Isaacman

$25,000 +

Vicki Nagtegaal-Langley
(for the ASE Space Traffic Management/Orbital Debris Committee's work)

$10,000 +

Tom & Liz Jones

$6,000 +

Eytan Stibbe

$5,000 +

John-David & Donna Bartoe
John & Donna Fabian
Eve Garriott, in memory of Owen
Space for Everyone Foundation (Danny & Marie Olivas)

$3,000 +

Steve Oswald & Mary Bono
Bill & Colleen Ready
Charlie Walker & Susan Flowers

$2,500 +

Mike & Lorrie Foreman
Mike Lopez-Alegria
Mark Pathy

$2,000 +

Bo & Dianne Bobko
Ron Grabe
Rick & Jeannie Hieb
Doug & Kelley Wheelock

$1,500 +

Joan Higginbotham

$1,000 +

Jay Apt & Carolyn Hess Abraham
Roy Bridges, Jr.
Mark & Lynne Brown
Bob Cabana
Larry Connor
Dick & Kathy Covey
Bob Crippen
Mike Fossum

Bill & Cindy McArthur
Don McMonagle

Sian Proctor
Dick & Lois Richards
Rusty Schweickart & Nancy Ramsey
Brewster & Kathy Shaw
Sal Vitale, in memory of Bo Bobko

$750 +

Kevin & Jeanne Kregel
Mario & Sue Runco
Loren & Diane Shriver

$500 +

Anonymous Member
Randy & Rebecca Bresnik
Joe Brennan, in memory of Bo Bobko
Bob & Barbara Cenker
Eileen Collins & Pat Youngs
Jan Davis & Dick Richardson
Chris & Helene Hadfield
Mark Kelly
Pam Melroy & Doug Hollett
Dave Williams
Jeff Williams

$250 +

Vance & Bev Brand
Drew & Elizabeth Gaffney
Linda Godwin
Jeff & Barbara Hoffman
Wendy Lawrence
Jim & Mary Newman
Julie Payette
Kathy & Stephen Thornton
Pierre & Cheryl Thuot

$100 +

Jay and Sarah Masters Buckey
John Casper
Ariane Fikki, on behalf of future space explorers Gabriel A. Holmes and Julian X. Holmes

Terry Hart

Peter & Rita Kanger
Barbara & Clay Morgan
Bill & Brenda Pailes
Naoko Yamazaki

Donation goal

To track your fundraising efforts, you can add a donation goal to a page on your site. The donation goal gadget displays a progress bar that measures progress towards your financial goal.
Goal: $150,000.00
Collected: $80,680.00
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