XVII Congress of the Association of Space Explorers
Almaty/Baikonur, Kazakhstan
September 26 - October 2, 2001

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Tokhtar Aubakirov expresses his condolences to the U.S. on the events of September 11 at the Opening Ceremony



Delegates gather at the Almaty City Hall following the Opening Ceremony with local officials and members of the press



Dorin Prunariu and Congress host Tokhtar Aubakirov chair the first technical session on the history of human space flight



John Fabian addresses the Russian Ambassador to Kazakhstan (left) on behalf of the U.S. delegation as Leonid Zhurnya, Alexei Leonov and Tokhtar Aubakirov look on



Group photo with spouses and staff at the Alatau Hotel and Resort



View south towards Almaty and the Tien Shan Mountains from the Alatau Hotel and Resort


Sergei Avdeev and Viktor Savinykh chair the second session at the State University of Kazakhstan



Press conference with the delegates following the first executive session

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