XII Congress of the Association of Space Explorers
Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec, Canada
September 28-October 4, 1996

General Statement

Seventy-three astronauts and cosmonauts from twelve countries gathered in Canada from September 28-October 4, 1996 for the 12th Annual Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers. Hosted by the Canadian Space Agency in St. Hubert, technical sessions were held in Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City.

Technical sessions included presentations on Life Sciences and biomedical research in space, advanced propulsion technologies, and current international cooperative space operations. The theme of the 12th Congress was “Cooperation in Space: Progress for Humanity.” The theme and location of this year's congress was chosen in recognition and support of the continued spirit of cooperation that has sent over 350 citizens of 26 countries into Earth orbit on international missions of peace and exploration.

Considering that the many international cooperative efforts in space, beginning with the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in 1975 and continuing with the construction of the International Space Station with its 14 partners, have contributed significantly to the advancement of the human condition here on planet Earth, and further,

Recognizing that many of these achievements were made possible by the Outer Space Treaty of 1967; as a result we honor those who have contributed to the promulgation of this historic treaty. Therefore, we

Resolve that Nicolas Matescu Matte be awarded the Crystal Helmet Planetary Award for his pioneering work in institutionalizing international standards of conduct and cooperation in outer space.

We astronauts and cosmonauts of the world call on all space-faring nations and peoples to participate in the development of international cooperation in space science, technology and operations for the benefit of all humanity and our home, the Earth, as we move forward together into the new millennium.



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